Double axe throwing is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. In the past few years, a total of 5 clubs have been founded in Switzerland, with around 60 throwers who actively practice the sport. The associations are located in the canton of Ticino (2), Lucerne, Aargau (for North-West Switzerland) and Vaud. Since 2016, the clubs alternately organize the annual Swiss championship.

In 2018, 4 clubs founded the “Association of Swiss Double Throwers”.

Axe Throwing Riviera ,  Doppelaxtwerfer Nordwestschweiz , Sunnan Vindr,  Zentralschweizer Axtwerfer

Swiss throwers regularly take part in international competitions, so far held in Sweden, Ireland, the Czech Republic or Germany.

Lumberjacks are the origin of this sport. When working in the treetops, they use a double-edged ax so that they can switch sides when a cutting edge becomes blunt and thus do not have to climb down to change the tool. As a leisure activity they started throwing their axe at a target. Similar to darts, the target has a 5 cm point in the middle, which gives the highest number of points (5 points). Around this point are further 5 cm thick circles radiating outwards indicating points 4, 3, 2 and 1. The point is awarded at the highest point where the blade of the axe is. As a rule, a competition round has 36 throws. The thrower with the highest score wins.

A double ax weighs about 1.8 to 2 kg and is thrown with both hands. Due to its dimensions and weight, the axe only rotates once in the air before it reaches its target.

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