National Team Regulations

1st Principles

In principle, all throwers and interested parties can participate in the Swiss National League, the national team and the Swiss Championship, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • He / she is of Swiss nationality, the place of residence is irrelevant (proof by passport)
  • He / she has their official residence within Switzerland, here the nationality is irrelevant (proof by 10 card or by residence permit)
  • He / she is organized in a Swiss Association (confirmation by association required)

If a prospect or thrower does not meet any of the above requirements, a corresponding application for admission must be submitted to the VSDW board. The board then decides in individual cases. The VSDW is not only committed to allow axes to compete. However, each ax must comply with the applicable competition rules. This means that the pitcher is free to choose the manufacturer. Clubs that organize a championship or competitions are free to choose their dates, however, the date should be coordinated with the international competition calendar if possible. This is especially important when international participants are expected. Which club organizes the Swiss championship is regulated under point 4 of this document. All point tables created and maintained as part of the VSDW membership can be viewed by all members at any time.

2nd National League

The National League is an online competition that takes place between April and October each year. The pitcher can enter the best result per month in a table. From this, a ranking is then determined separately for men and women. In the event of a tie, the respective place will be divided accordingly. The result must be entered by midnight of the end of each month. Results that are reported later or changed are not taken into account. For this purpose, the VSDW creates a ranking table and provides access to the responsible persons. The ranking also serves as the basis for the nomination as a team member in the Swiss National team.

3rd national team

A team of the Swiss national team consists of 3 throwers
together. These teams represent and represent Switzerland in international competitions such as the European and World Championships. A national team consists of 3 men or 3 women. Mixed team are also possible.
The 15 best men and 9 best women are nominated, provided that they guarantee their participation in the relevant competitions. If more than 3 throwers register for a competition, several teams of the national team can also be provided. However, the principle applies here that the national team takes precedence over the club team. The national team can also take part in other competitions (e.g. Asgard Cup), but it has no right to appear before the club teams.
The nominees for the national team meet once a quarter for a one-day intensive training session. Results from this training then determine the team of the national team that the pitcher will be called to. As soon as someone has been appointed to the national team, the VSDW assumes that they will participate 100% in the competition. Everyone should be aware of this in advance. Appointments will be announced by email in good time and can be viewed in the calendar.

4th Swiss Championship

The annual Swiss championship is organized alternately by the clubs under the patronage of the VSDW. The association is responsible for ensuring that there is an even distribution among the individual association members. The respective clubs are free to implement and organize, provided the VSDW competition rules and the principles of this document are observed. The Swiss championship can be organized with other competitions, however, the Swiss champion must meet the points from the principles.

5th Other competitions

Each member of the association is free to organize and hold their own competitions. The VSDW can provide advice.

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